AvvocatoFlash, a new sales channel for Italian Lawyers

AvvocatoFlash connects people needing legal help with specialized lawyers.

AvvocatoFlash, a new sales channel for Italian Lawyers

AvvocatoFlash.it is an online Italian platform that helps lawyers to acquire new clients.  It already operates in the regions of Lombardia and Lazio with strong presence in Milano and Roma. The platform is planning to expand in all the other Italians regions within 2018.

The legal cases, before being proposed to the lawyers registered in the platform, are carefully filtered by a team of internal lawyers that verify that the potential client has a real issue and that it is possible to undertake legal actions.

The selected cases are inserted in the platform and passed to the lawyers based on their expertise and skills, giving them the possibility to choose for the cases they are most interested in.

More than 400 clients a month (every month this number is increasing) refer to the platform to look for a specialized lawyer. As said, the team excludes all the requests of people that are only looking for a free consultancy and that therefore have no intention to undertake a legal action. The cases of potential clients inserted in the platform are selected and the platform guarantee that the client is looking for a lawyer for a real legal problem.

The legal cases are related to different types of legal areas: civil law, penal law, international law, labor law, fiscal law, commercial law, family law, etc.

After one month from the case is inserted in the platform, AvvocatoFlash team calls back the customers to understand if they have assigned the case to one of the lawyer of the platform and if they are satisfied with the service received.  So far 96% of the clients state that are happy with the service and with the lawyers found in the platform.

Initially the platform had intention to expand their activities in Rome in the month of September 2017 but, due to the high demand they have decided to advance the entrance in June 2017. The plan is to expand operations all over Italy within 2018.

The need of new sales channels

Many lawyers have difficulties to find new customers. Italian statistics show that in Italy there are about 11 Million legal disputes. The issue that lawyers are facing is: how to find new clients?

The world of internet is opening up a new door for them to increase their customer portfolio, indeed:

- in Italy about 50% of the person look for a lawyer online before making his/her choice;

- every year 26% more people look for a lawyer online.

How to get customers on AvvocatoFlash.it

Acquire customers on AvvocatoFlash.it is easy, every day new clients get in touch with the platform to find a lawyer.

1. The team of AvvocatoFlash receives more than 400 legal requests per month. Between those, they screen the cases where the person is really looking for a lawyer (on average the AvvocatoFlash team discards about 50% of the requests).

2. After the “screening”, the cases are inserted in the platform and are available for the lawyers registered on the platform. For every case is given a short description useful for the lawyers to understand the issue of the client. Are also provided other information like the exact city where the client is living therefore lawyers can propose their consultancy only if they are close by.

3. To every case it is assigned a value in credits. These are internal credits that every lawyer can purchase on the platform. The number of credits assigned to every case depends on different factors: difficulty of the case, economic value, activity required rarity of the case, etc. For example a case of credit recovery of €1 Million will be worth more credits than a case of credit recovery of €3K.

4. Once purchased the pack of credit, lawyers can propose a quote to any potential client. They are free to decide how to spend their credits and for which case. Therefore steps for the lawyers are easy:

a) purchase a pack of credits;

b) visualize the available cases and purchase the case/s that they are willing to take on;

c) call the potential client.

The credit pack is a sort of “debit card” that they can charge and use anytime they want for any case they want.

Once they purchase a case, the platform automatically shares the name and contacts of the potential client.

5. Every case can be purchased by a maximum of 3 lawyers. This gives the possibility to the client to choose between more lawyers and at the same time gives a high client acquisition percentage to the lawyers.

A great opportunity to Italian Lawyers

Lawyers can take advantage of AvvocatoFlash, a new sales channel. No matter if young or more experienced lawyers, this platform is creating a unique marketplace to meet legal customer needs with specialized lawyers.

Is up to the lawyers to get on board and start to acquire customers.